long years after the closure of the Flint School, the fire started by "Our Man Flint" continues to light the way. This website was built as a tribute to the goodness of those years and to the Stolls for their incredible courage and undertaking. Hours of research, scanning, and collaberation with fellow flints have manifested themselves into this virtual docking port for all who can now look back, reflect, and share what was once a most unique and all too fleeting experience. "All hands on deck! Everyone man your stations!" as we cast off and set course once more for another destination in history - only this time not the path of Ulysses, or the beaches of Normandy, but the one of a kind Flint School itself.

The Internet Age has made it possible to give the school a fresh existence. Over one thousand photos, documents, and other memorabilia have been collected and can be found in the archives.

Were you aboard as a cadet or staff at one time? Please check if you are listed in the alumni registry and add your name if not. Also feel free to add anyone else's name you might remember and do not see listed. There are close to 300 entries now, many with email addresses and web links. It is estimated that over the Flint School's ten year operation, close to 600 students may have attended.

You may also find some familiar names and entertaining entries in the guestbook, including one by Jim Stoll. Be sure to leave one too!
An email-based discussion group was formed for sharing stories and modern day topics. If you're an alum, be sure to join in! See the Alumni Today section for sign-up details.

A reunion took place in Clearwater Beach, Fl., Nov. 8th - 11th, 2002. It was really great to see so many familiar faces. Check out the reunion photos. There had already been two other major reunions, the first in New York, 1989, the second in Williamsburg, VI, 2001.

Several people have helped build this site, the majority of the credit going to Burk Prael & and Palmer Stevens. Palmer began development of his own website, the Flint School e-Museum around 1996. It showcases much of his personal insight into the school's philosophy, 4thR, and also has a great section about the history of both ships. For more information about the web effort, visit the web-office.

Enjoy the site! Comments or suggestions appreciated.

Burk Praël teQuest, 80/81

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