<BODY> Welcome to the Flint School seafaring college aboard teQuest and Te Vega (1970-1981). Are there alumnis out there? Do you have photos? Come by for a visit! We remember teQuest and Te Vega (or Te Quest, TeVega), flint school (or flintschool or flint-school), Aquarius, Black Douglas, Etak, alumni, reunion, tall ship, tallship, tallships, 4thR's Method, 4th R's Method, 4thR, 4th R, Fourth R, Fourth R's Method, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, seafaring college, sea college, boarding school, and Cadiz.<BR> People aboard ship included George Stoll, Jim Stoll, George and Jim Stoll, Jim and George Stoll, Mike Huck, Bob Barrie, Kent Dillon, Ann Warren, Palmer Stevens, Will Trillich, Burk Prael, Ute Prael, George Tregea, Cooley Wrenn, Anita Welch, Patrick Lee, Trey Wickwire, Spring Wright, Antony Lieneberger, Doug Mock, and Kirk Gunn.<BR><BR> <center> <img src="flintgold.gif" alt="Flint School aboard Te Vega and teQuest" width="246" height="239"><BR> </center><BR> <!-- Sites submitted: Oct 5/00 http://www3.galaxy.com http://www.go.com // same as infoseek. http://www.excite.com // same as webcrawler! http://www.altavista.com/ http://www.hotbot.com http://www.lycos.com http://www.dmoz.org/ // open directory project, used by lots of biggies // http://search.aol.com/ http://www.searchhound.com/ http://www.jayde.com/ http://www.directhit.com http://www.scrubtheweb.com http://www.google.com http://urls.northernlight.com http://www.searchit.com http://www.infohiway.com http://www.powersearch.com http://www.searchcity.co.uk/ http://www.voila.com http://www.canada.com http://www.supersnooper.com/ http://www.aaa.com.au/dir2/ Matilda --> </BODY>